An auteur filmmaker. Born in the UK in 1983 and the oldest of 6 siblings, Federico was raised in an Italian/Jamaican culture.  After surviving a house fire in 1989 which started late one night while he was watching Godzilla, him and his family narrowly escaped with their lives, having to escape by jumping out of their upstairs window. All that survived from their house was a photo of his recently deceased grandfather.


He fell in love with cinema as a young boy after moving to Italy. Films such as the Italian Spaghetti Westerns, Casper cartoons and the comedies of Paolo Villaggio (Fantozzi) all made an impression - as a teenager more avant-garde and underground films by Dennis Hopper, Kenneth Anger, Andy Warhol & Federico Fellini captured his imagination to create movies outside the mainstream.


He was deported from the USA in 2006, Federico then settled back in the UK.


For his debut feature film Black Biscuit (2012) he chose homeless people, sex workers & drug addicts to star in the film. Raising the funds by nude life modeling & going from door to door asking people to donate a £1.00. Most of the filming was done using car crash stolen cameras, mobile phones and childrens cameras. There was no script, and he didnt tell anyone what the movie's plot was about during filming. His only direction was ''just be yourselves and either make me sick, amazed or inspired'' The film was called ''A rubik's cube of images.''


After this experience his PINK8 manifesto pissed everyone off in the industry.


In 2013 The Milk Man became an abandoned vérité film project. The movie focused on a milk man who spiked local families milk bottles with LSD on his morning route's. The project was abandoned after the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) who were notified about the film and threatened to sue over alleged defamation regarding the films subject.


His next film Pregnant (2015) was released, which focuses on technology addiction in the 21st century & ''the mass hypnosis of a generation''. We witness the Facebook/Youtube generation's inner spiritual stagnation & mass disconnection from society, as they come to grips with this new centurys toy.

During the filmming Federico was accused of arson after a misunderstanding concerning one of the films scenes.


During this period Jett Hollywood was born. Federico's alter-ego, ''Ziggy Stardust's illegitimate son''.

A filmmaker from Mars, which was a first in cinema history, ''most filmmakers are so boring, they never play with their own identities, how come rock stars can do it but not filmmakers, so I became a starman.''


He then promised to create two films and then commit 'cinema suicide'.  

Evolution Of The Earth Angel (2015) & Anarchy In The Uk: The New Underground Cinema (2016) were the two films that emerged.

A controversy emerged from Jett Hollywood's suicide note which appeared online, which resulted in a missing persons inquest which revolved around the cryptic suicide note, it has since been released.


In 2016 the first annual Straight Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival was held. With 30 international films from across the world, exploring todays newest Underground/Cult cinema filmmakers.


By 2017 he released his film LOON, shot on CCTV cameras, and to get into the occult feel of the film he recorded the soundtrack by Mao - Graveyard Music  at Aleister Crowley's Boleskine house.


Around this time he was included in filmmaker Rubber Cripple's documentary about international maverick filmmakers called Mondo Lizard: A Guide To Gonzo Filmmaking. This fly on the wall documentary captures Fabrizio talking about his style and eccentricities.

In 2019 his new movie Teddy Bears Live Forever will be released, about an ex Hollywood 'It Girl' going through a nervous breakdown after escaping from a UFO cult.


Taking a cue from a long line of show business entertainers such as Frank Sidebottom, George Formby, Charlie Chuck, Edward Barton & John Otway, Federico created filmmaker Blimp Chopsocky and his giant camcorder-head with his inspired decision to create the first performance/artist filmmaker. This long line of British eccentrics is vast but never has a filmmaker combined the surreal trick until now. Blimp Chopsocky's mischievous muse has no boundaries, both cheerfully enthusiastic, optimistic and oblivious to his own failings, Blimp is a world onto his own.

The Confessions Of Aleister Crowley is in post-production.